Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun School Week 4

I am SO behind on posting. We're currently working on week 7 and I haven't even posted week 4 on here! Sorry. We went to a wedding for my cousin the weekend of this week so it's just thrown me for a loop. My usual blogging time was instead spent getting us all ready for a wedding then traveling to and from the wedding. But I digress. On to week 4...
 We studied the letter B again this week. Here's Asher's collage letter with beans.

 We played our "Going on a Bear Hunt" game for math one day.
 We made butterflies out of lower case b's.
Aybrin was able to use these candy corns for his math drills. Can you tell I'm in the mood for fall?

For cake decorating class Grandma Russell taught the kids how to make clown cupcakes. It was a lot of fun! Even if my house was so hot that the icing kept melting!

 Covering letters with the foamies.
 For our big art activity of the week the kids made Native American shields. We're studying the United States this week so it was neat to make these. They added feathers and drew pictures of crosses and other symbols that they associated with God's protection.
 We made the United States flag from construction paper and a sponge that we cut into a star shape. I was going to sew all the flags and make them really neat, but decided at the last minute to go with construction paper. Why you ask? Because I have the construction paper and it will actually get done this way! See... I know my limits ;-)
 Aybrin was able to make this neat robot which picks up a box he made.
 Asher did patterning with Thanksgiving themed foamies.

I think that wraps up what I've taken pictures of. We also did a lot of science, english, spelling, math and reading but they're not as fun to take pictures of. Well I have to go see the Oswald Aybrin just drew. He's an aspiring artist ;-)

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