Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where have we been?

Sorry I haven't posted. We have finished painting our last rooms for a while. We still lack downstairs which I'm planning to do this winter, especially now that we have a pellet stove and it's become the boy's favorite room!

Here the kids are making Christmas cookies with Gramee

A picture of our stairs going up to our room. This is the saying I use quite frequently ;-) In case the shine is too great on this picture (I think I uploaded the wrong one and it takes a long time to re-upload) it says "Welcome to our World"

Here's a picture of our room...sorry that it's not clean, I was in a hurry. The windows have to be scraped and I have a light for Ben to install to replace this 1980's ceiling fan. I am thinking of painting the fan and getting a new light fixture to repurpose it in the boy's room..we'll see.

And here's the big dramatic before and after in our room. It's amazing what some paint will do! You can double click on any of these pictures to make them larger if you want.

We've also been to Silver Dollar City and The Santa Train over the last week. Grandma Russell took the boys to breakfast with Santa on Saturday then we had our 12 days of Christmas Party at Gramee's Sunday night. We've also had our church Christmas dinner this week which was awesome! We've been staying really busy with Christmas activities which is fun. We woke up Sunday morning to snow on the ground and Asher took one look out the door and said, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!" It was too cute!
We're still believing for our Sparta house to sell and still unloading stuff from that house. It should be done soon. We'll be taking our annual winter trip with all the family soon. It won't be a far off trip due to family schedule conflicts but that's ok, we're getting away! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!