Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Australia's Outback

I'm behind again! But we've been so busy getting ready for the Kid's 1st Ever Christmas Cantata that I really haven't had any time to blog. Plus I get discouraged because I think I'm the only one who reads this blog and even though I want this as a virtual yearbook for us, it's not enough motivation to get me to slow down and do it!
 Anyways! We studied Australia before we took off for our Christmas Cantata/Thanksgiving break. I really enjoyed this country because we were able to look at a lot of things on the Great Barrier Reef. I've wanted to visit this reef for 10 years now so it's somewhere nice to study ;-) I wanted the kids to watch Crocodile Dundee but Netflix doesn't have it in their instant que..can you believe that?
 So for Australia we made their flag, made Aborignie Bark Paintings, watched videos online from National Geographic and then a video on Netflix from them. Read from our Living World Encyclopedia and Living World books. Listened to music from our Children Around The World CD and then we were able to go to the Outback Steakhouse in Branson! We actually went to the bar not the restaurant because the restaurant just didn't have much that appealed to us and their alligator tail was more expensive which was weird. We sat on the top floor at the bar and we were the only ones up there so we played some pool and enjoyed trying the food. Ben was the only one who liked the alligator... I had tried it in Florida and it was fine there but not so great here in Missouri. It must have been much fresher there ;-)

 In the end Asher really like the Kangaroos and Alligators from Australia and Aybrin liked the Great Corral Reef and the Alligators. I think they both thought it was cool that some kids did their school by communicating with a teacher over a radio! It's a neat and diverse country.