Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun School Week 3

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This week we had a lot of fun....naturally! I wasn't able to take as many pictures because my camera was left at Janiece's but that's OK. Life goes on.
We bought the kids gerbils this week. They helped us move a friend in 100+ degree weather when it was MISERABLE so we promised them we'd buy them a pet which was going to be a turtle. We went to the pet store and they only sell water turtles and our tank's too small. Plus I didn't want to mess with it. Then we looked online and decided on a hamster. We bought an awesome cage on Craigslist and took off to the pet store to find out hamsters nip at you, stay up all night, and aren't really good for kids. Ben suggested gerbils. So far they're working great. We did loose one last night because the cage was loose and he decided to sneak out, but we prayed and found him!
 Seriously look how cute they are! They seem to really like the boys too. They're low maintenance... life's good!
 Aybrin named his Zack (it was Zeek but he kept changing it) and Asher named his Zion which I adore!
 We also heard this noise in our garage all night last week. Tons of tools falling over, just a mess. Ben went to investigate and couldn't find anything. He had been working on installing a garage door motor for a couple of days and had left the door open for a while but we didn't think it was a big deal. WRONG! The next morning he looked again and found this!! At first the way it was laying, he thought it was a badger but it turned out to be an opossum. We had to scoot him out with brooms. I was being a chicken up on the step stool but Ben handled it so well ;-)
 This week we cooked home made cinnamon muffins which were yummy! We had never made them before but I need to find the recipe and make them again. We discussed a lot of fractions while this cooking was going on.

 Asher found snails in the dried up pond during nature study. These are a common site here and we really like the variety the pond gives us for our studies! Look at those eyelashes!

 We also decorated for fall!!

 Asher is studying the letter B in pre-school so we've really been working with the book "We're going on a bear hunt". This is a bear hunt game the boys were able to play for math!
 Asher seems to like his bottle cap letters but this day was a little overwhelming since I gave him all the captial and lower case alphabet letters.
 To make our bottle cap letters we took mod podge (well our home made stuff which DID NOT work well at all...maybe too much water?)....
 and brushed it on our letters. Then attached it to the bottle caps!
We also started working hard core on our Christmas Cantata! We are SOOOOO excited about this. It's been something we've wanted to do for several years but we just never get around to it. Well this year is different! We have a list of things we'll be doing, we're working on the venue and practicing a lot! I don't want to tell you the details but it involves this:
 and this....

 Here are some of the things we're learning in Aybrin's new language program: State of being verbs!
 Grandma Russell also came up to teach a cake decorating class. We've been SUPER excited about this! She used to sell cakes professionally and now she's teaching all of us!

 Janiece and I were able to decorate the butterfly. We took it to our Mom for her birthday party that night!

  More hints from our Christmas Cantata! We can't wait!!!

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