Friday, October 21, 2011

OK, now for something that's not school!

Although we did learn a ton on this excursion, I'm not putting it as part of our school. I'm getting bored with only posting school stuff (grins). 
When we were first looking at buying this house the word "alpacas" sprang to mind. I have no idea why. Maybe I'm being led? Let me tell you, I've never seen alpacas in person, in my life. I had never read a book on alpacas. So why would this interest me out of the blue? Maybe it's God? I don't have a clue! So I went to the library and could only find one book and it was on Llamas not Alpacas. I read it anyway. Then through the SHEM home school group, I found out about Alpaca Days. So we took off to find alpacas a year after the thought of alpacas was planted in my head. I didn't know what we would think about them. I thought maybe we'd get there and they'd be ugly and messy so the thought would be smashed. The opposite happened. We drove up and I said "Oh my goodness. They're SOOOO cute!" They're also a lot smaller than I thought, Aybrin's about as tall as them, so they're not scary. They're very gentle and not messy. They're awesome, as are the people who own the farm. Now we want two!

After we drove out to see the alpacas, we went ahead to the Fair Grove craft fair. We go to this and the Ozark craft fair every year because they are the best ;-) It was a great day. What beats sunshine and family?

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