Monday, March 5, 2012

February happenings

I'm so behind...again! Oh well, at least I'm working on it now. We had a lot of stuff happen in February, I wish I would've taken more pictures.
 Asher did some color mixing for school.
 Aybrin had a birthday so we celebrated for a couple of weeks!

 We water colored some Japanese Wood carvings for our Japan week.
 The boys and Papa made zip lines all through the house. Aybrin and Asher had made robots out of soda cans so they wanted to test them out on the zip lines. It was a success!
 For Russia we talked about the Tundra and the Permafrost layer. This is our science experiment from that country.
 We were able to go to this awesome Christian concert with Third Day, Lacrae, Sidewalk Street Prophets and a lot more.
 We finally got to go to the Titanic's Ice Sculpting contest! The winners are going to be in the next Olympics so we chose a good year to visit this.
 On Valentine's the boys got 2 new Skylander pieces for their game. Pure excitement ;-)
Finally, for China we did a lot of things including playing Chinese checkers.

I think that's a quick summary of February. I know there's lots more but I only have so much time to get this stuff on here and as we speak the boys are getting WAY off track doing their school work!