Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our First Week of School

 This was our first week of school and it went pretty well! We stayed pretty much on schedule. The workbox system was great! They really liked it which I was thrilled about! It took away a little of the stress since I wasn't bouncing between them both the entire day!  This was our introduction week and we have one more week like this. Then we get to study different countries! I'm so excited about that. We study the country, eat a meal from that country, learn a song about them and pray for the missionaries there. What more could you ask for? We even had some sweet people bring us back money from other countries that they got for us when they were on their missionary trips these past few weeks. Whohoo! 
The boys on their 1st day of school...August 22nd 2011.

First they opened their gifts of school supplies from us.
We were so happy when the weather took a break and turned down the temperature a few degrees. The great thing about homeschooling is we finished up early and were able to go outside for some science and nature study!
This week we were doing Nature Study in the pond!

Aybrin made all of these cute people out of modeling clay by himself this week!

We still had time to do our chores and get rewards from them. Janiece and I made these awesome chore charts this past summer!

Eleesia realizing that mud doesn't feel that great!

Can you see Essa?

Enoch said "I'm stuck. I need to get lighter" then proceeded to throw off his backpack. LOL!

It's also been cool enough to hang our the laundry... mid 90's! whohoo!

We made paper mache globes which we need to paint. This is our introduction to the world geography we will study this year.
Asher making his "A"'s out of money after we made the date from money.

Holding a person Aybrin made from modeling clay.

Aybrin holding another one. He even created couches for them!

Look at those looks of concentration!       

I hope you guys all have a great week this week. We hope too as well!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our school room!

A sign Aybrin made for the door with our school name and motto!

It's visually cluttering in this picture but it's not in person. It's bright and colorful! How fun!

Our calendar and art station that gets a ton of use!

We're studying countries and cultures this year so we have this awesome huge country map! In the IKEA bins are playdough supplies.

Our circle time board which I'm so excited about! Took me weeks to figure out what I wanted on here. Thanks Confessions of a Homeschooler, Homeschool Creations and Mama Jenn for helping me get ideas!

Here are the boy's desks and their new school supplies that got from Gramee and her "Back to school party" she had for them!

Something I'm so happy with... the workbox system. It took me forever to figure out how I'm going to do it but I'm so pleased with it!

Plain circles wouldn't work we had to do Epic Mickey and Oswald! So I spent an entire night working on these and the kids were SO thrilled when they finally saw them!

I also am implementing this system. If I'm busy on the phone or doing something, and a kid wants my help they can put this clip on my shirt and I'll help them when I'm done. We'll see how it goes!

Our banner which says "Hello" in the languages from countries we're learning about this year!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our California trip

We were so happy to visit CA this summer. I was nervous about flying across country with a 4 and a 7 year old alone, into and out of airports I had never been to, but it worked! We had a blast. Here are some pictures:
Getting off the plane in Phoenix!

In Carlsbad, CA

Why, again, do we not live here?

Every time we take pics we have to have a good one, then a "funny face" one!

They really are best friends and it's so nice!

I love this one! Aybrin was riding the waves. He was the farthest one out there. He just kept inching farther and farther!

Diggin' in the sand and ridin' the waves. Life can't get better!

RUN before the waves get us!

It's amazing how vast God's earth is!

After a 3 hour ride to the airport, 3 hour plane right and 6 hours to CA we finally made it!

My Dad enjoying the sunset.

My friend from high school, Deanna and her cutie!

God gave us this amazing view on the drive to CA.

Here we are about to cross the Mexico border.

We were able to ride across the border on this bicycle carts!

How fun is this!

We're here!

Last chance to turn back to the USA!

The boy's first trip in a Taxi...crossing the border.

Walking with PaPa

This is a building in Mexico where they used to hold these cool games.

Almost all of the buildings in Tijuana are painted vibrantly like this.

Waiting to cross the border back to the USA. It took about 2 hours and we were there 2 different days!

Outside a British store in Carlsbad Village.

They all had their MP3 players going!

The tallest point of this mountain range in the middle of the dessert. Our GPS took us through this crazy route to get back to Phoenix but what a view!

Going home... bittersweet.

Of course  we stopped at IKEA  in Phoenix!

Carlsbad Village

At Fry's where it's Atlas themed with a shark in this tank!

My cousin Rachel and her family.

On the bus to cross the border into Mexico

On the Mexico/California border!

Getting off the plane. This was Asher's first plane ride and Aybrin's first since he was 2!

Driving in the desert and mountains

Our favorite spot in the world.... the BEACH!