Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun School Week 6

I hardly have any pictures from this week. Jonna had my camera! We made elephant shapes from the letter "e" and did lots of fun things. Oh well. Here is what I do have. The boys made a "rocket ship" out of linking logs for their gerbils:
 We were blessed to see this hot air balloon outside of our house! We even watched it landing. The boys were outside jumping on the trampoline and started yelling for us to come outside. I'm so glad they were out there. We watched it until it was landed on the other side of the hill, 10 minutes tops. We would have missed it if they weren't outside.
We also did an egg experiment to go with the letter "e". We wanted to see if the egg would float in water. We recorded our results. Then we hypothesised about whether it would float if we added salt. It did!

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