Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun School Week 7

 When we finish up a country we are eating a meal from that country. A Mexican Fiesta it is! This was an easy country for us. First off, we just visited Mexico this past summer and secondly we eat tacos all the time! We really like Mexican food! We didn't want tacos though so we did quesadillas, chicken taquitos and churros! YUMO!
 We made a quick pinata from a grocery sack. I wish I would've gotten a picture of it so you could have seen it but here are part of the kids breaking the pinata.
We've been really enjoying the outdoors. Here's a picture of Asher checking out our tomatillos. They really took off this year! We made roasted tomatillo salsa which was superb!
The boys also have been picking up walnuts. We had two big totes full and got $5.20 whohoo! LOL! There's a ton more to pick up so I'm hoping they do it soon. 
 Ben has been working on our silly hot tub for 2 weeks now. UGH. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon!
 The boys grew carrots for the first time this year. They're both heirloom seeds, Asher's is suppose to be round and fat while Aybrin's is long.
 I also downloaded this Spanish color game to help with our Spanish.
 Mapping Canada! So we went from the US, punched our passport in Mexico and then headed north to Canada.

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