Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun School Week 2

We have had another busy week here in our world. How about you? It just seems like my weeks are flying by faster and faster. I need to learn to SLOW down! But when?
We started off the week by having Asher's birthday! He's now 5 and I can't believe it! He's cute, smart, fun, cuddly and hilarious! He's just a gorgeous little boy for sure. So here are some pictures from his airplane birthday party.

On the day of his birthday him and Aybrin both received presents. They were zuzu pet toys!

 All the family kiddos (except Hudson who didn't want his picture taken). Elizabeth and Samantha even came down with Uncle Riley from Kansas City!

 Aybrin hot glued some of his "collection" stuff together and made Asher something. Enoch then gave Asher his prized marble set so this was a special birthday!
Do you think he's excited?

My Mom (Gramee) always buys ALL the kids a present and they get this huge fanfare with opening them. It's great! They love it! So here are all the kids getting their presents from her.





 This week in school we are in Week 2 introduction to Countries and Cultures in My Father's World. I'm glad the week is over because I can't wait to start learning about the countries. The boys should be getting their fake passports back this week. Then we get to stamp each country as we visit them. We did get to go to Mexico (for real) this summer so we're familiar with why passports are important and what you do with them. Do you know they no longer stamp passports though? It's all on computers and electronically documented. I was SOOO disappointed!
 In pre-school we're going through the alphabet so we had lots of fun apple and ant games this week. He did lots of pattern matching, math games, writing, puzzles, etc along with the normal history, science, math and geography that we do together.
  We were also able to start our Nature Notebook this week and low and behold we found acorns on our tree! Acorns go great with our "A" letter this week!

 The boys also ate Ants on a Log (although the ants are not here in this picture)
 Look how studious he is!
 The boys were able to bake with their new IKEA baking set Gramee got Asher for his birthday!
 Here's what our nature journals look like so far. We did leaf and bark rubbings and then we're pressing the leaves inside the books!
 We learned about xylems in Science and how they carry water. So we did an experiment with celery tearing off the xylem on one stalk and leaving it in place on the other. I thought it would be really good to show them how the leaves of the celery would turn blue and so far it's working great. Every day the celery turns brighter blue!

The boys also finished painting our world globe that we started last week. We paper mached a balloon and painted the continents and oceans. I thought the boys could do this on their own while I loaded the dishes. I was wrong. This is what I came out to!

 We've also been working on our basement for a month! It's taking us forever. This room is awful. There was deer paneling on half of the walls and then a rock paneling over more of the paneling. So 3 kinds of paneling layered in places but all 3 were visible! It was awful. So after we took down that paneling and the ceiling fan (which had bowed blades that hit you when you walked in), I took this picture. Pretty awful huh? This is about what my whole house looked like when we moved in. If you haven't seen pictures you should go back some of the posts!
And here's what it looked like mid week. It looks even better now but I'll wait and post a picture again next week.

Well that's our week in review. Now got to run to Struble's Barbershop for the men to get haircuts! Hope your week is blessed!

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