Friday, February 4, 2011

We have been enjoying the snow here. How about you? Of course it is freezing which I'm not thrilled about and I am really ready for Spring, but I was glad to have one big snow before ending the season. We've made snow ice cream, gone sledding, tried to build a snowman and gotten our car stuck in our driveway where it still sits today! We are stranded. My Mom had to come out to the road and pick up Ben so he could go to work. What better time to do house projects though? I needed this time to start focusing on our house. We moved in here not too long ago and we've been so busy with painting, plumbing, electric, etc. Then we moved Grandma and were at her house a lot so our house is still a wreck. Lots of boxes to still be unpacked and a big refrigerator currently sitting in the middle of my kitchen! But life is great and we'll do one room at a time!
Do you see that tree with the leaves? Just beyond that, down the hill is where our car is currently sitting. It's kind of a sad thing! The road that we have to walk to if we want to get out and have a ride is beyond that first hill line, you can barely see it in front of the evergreen trees.

Here are the boys today working on their paint by numbers while I begin working on an art piece to add to our art room. The other picture is our messy art room which is getting reworked. We just moved in this white bookshelf so I'm excited to have it! The finished project will be posted on the following page(Click the image to be directed):

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