Thursday, November 4, 2010

We've Been Busy!

We've been at the house nearly every day until after 10pm. It's going SLOWLY for us...mainly because we're painting all the wood trim white. It's worth it but very time consuming. Here's a few pictures!

Two "during" pics of the boy's bath. I decided to embrace the blue and go with it. I like the blue walls much better than the pink walls with floral border (which by the way, next time you decide to put up wallpaper or a border please think twice. It'll date your room in a few years and it's such a pain to take down that you'll leave it for 30+ years until the next person moves in and thinks "yuck" and it'll take them 5 hours to take down a simple border... can people not paint murals instead? Just a thought!) I hope to finish this room tomorrow. All the wood work will need to be painted about 5 times and the carpet is coming up. I already have fabric for the window, I just have to make the curtain and I'd like a new faucet but that might be a while in coming. We'll see!

We have these huge drawers in the linen closet. The kids decided to play in them while we were painting the cabinet they fit in.

Good news is that Ben got us set up on propane today. No more freezing! Janiece and I have been painting in one room with a space heater while putting the kids in another room with a couple of heaters. It's been fine but a little chilly when the doors are open so we're thrilled with heat!

Ben also worked on getting us water today. It's been a challenge painting and bleaching with no water. Some of Grandma's friends have a well service so they came out. The kids got to ride up on the big truck which was SO cool! Who cares about pulling out the well? This is much more awesome! We all learn so much by just observing and asking questions. Today was a life lesson in how we get water. We all learned a lot!

The boy's room and the library got finished today except for painting the doors (which I'm hoping Ben will take them outside, spray them, and be done with it so we don't have to) and scraping the excess paint off the windows! We can check those off our list!!

Our library!


Janet said...

Looking good Jemma. I love the "water lesson" Can't get better schooling than that. Janet

Anonymous said...


WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! It looks AMAZING! We will for sure get it done today now! How exciting!!!!

fitmama said...

Wow! I love how it is starting to look. You guys are doing a fantastic job!
Paige :)

Jemma said...

Thanks everyone. You'll have to come over when it's all done!