Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day #2

The master. Have I mentioned that I hate paneling? Can't wait until it's invisible!
This is the wall we demoed (is that word?)
The boys room. Again, more paneling! WooHoo!

Well yesterday was Tuesday, Day 2. We got a lot accomplished! We don't go until about 2pm since we stay home and do school first. Last night we stayed until 11pm though! We're still without water since Ben can't seem to figure out the problem on the pump yet but we're making do. I have a lot of containers I fill up to go and then we take a trip back into Mom or Grandma's to refill since we've been bleaching a lot. Hopefully our friend John will come up tonight and him and Ben can get the pump running. It's also getting cold and we need to call the propane company to get a tank and heat but we also have someone else at church who has a neighbor who might be selling his tank since he just got natural gas. It's nice to have a great church!
The entire house is now bleached! WhoHOO! My lungs are not thanking me but my peace of mind is! It's took 2 days. Well, I guess not the entire house because downstairs is not done but the rest of it is. I'm focusing on the top floor first and then downstairs. We're also doing some major caulking and it's almost completely done which means we can start with the painting today! I have 16 gallons of expensive Lowe's and Home Depot paint and I'm still going to have to buy more. Everything was bought for $5 off the mis-tint rack which I'm thrilled about! So today we'll start painting. I'd like to have it ready to start ripping out the carpets soon and we have to paint first...that way we won't have to put down drop cloths. Here's the breakdown so far
Day#1- Bleach and Work on the Pump, Vacuum
Day#2- Bleach, Work on the pump, caulk, demo a wall
Day #3- To be determined!!

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