Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We're getting in the home stretch

You can tell we're getting to the end because we're running out of steam! We're shooting for moving in this weekend for various reasons. Janiece and I finished painting our bedroom ceiling and walls at midnight 2 nights ago. Ben had worked on the kitchen floor for quite a while and took the kiddos home for us. He also got the small leak fixed, our bedroom ceiling patched and something else done but I can't remember what. Jonna was also there helping us scrape up the adhesive in the hall. We've been working on this for 4 days but we finished it yesterday so we can paint the floors! Yesterday we rippped up the carpets in the master, painted the first 2 coats on the trim in the master, finished ripping up the adhesive in the hall, and worked on the kitchen floor. Whew! The kitchen is a disaster! We ripped up the tile because it was cracked and it appeared there was carpet under it. Instead we found 2 layers of linoleum and tar! It's being impossible to get up! And now the whole floor is destroyed. The hardwood is in most of the room but there is about a 3 foot section of plywood. However, yesterday on google we found out that someone said to use a wallpaper steamer and it works wonderfully. They're $28 to rent for 24 hours at Home Depot so instead Janiece looked on Craigslist and found a floor steamer (which she wanted and I was kind of wanting too) for $30!! So last night we loaded the kids up in the rain and ran to Springfield to get it. It works beautifully! It's still a lot of work but it's actually coming up! So excited and motivated now. The list for today stands as follows: Paint the trim in the master again, finish removing the tack strip and pieces of tiles in the master, paint the master floor and the hall floor, clean. Not too shabby! Then we'll work on the kitchen either tonight or maybe I'll wait and let Ben do it Saturday so Janiece and I can start moving us over!

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