Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Miracle Home Story

We received a miracle involving our home! We were given a word from the Lord through our Pastor telling us we would receive everything we were asking for if we would obey God. This is an area we've been really trying hard on...just listening and obeying. About a week later we found a house that we wanted to look at. We had Dad, Mom, Adam, Janiece and Grandma go look at it with us just really out of curiosity. We had driven by before but it was out of our price not even a year later it was marked down under 1/3 of the price they were asking. We looked at it on a Sunday, we were told that they were already accepting best offers and the agent wasn't sure why it was still on the market so we'd have to put in an offer right away and get our own financing because the bank wouldn't finance it. Within 20 minutes Ben had someone arrange a personal loan for us, we had the OK that it was a sturdy house from Dad and we had prayed and felt like it was good for us. We made an offer the next day, a Monday. We were told it could be 2 months before we hear anything. We prayed for information within in a day and on Tuesday we received the information that we had the house! God just provided it all miraculously for us! We have our current home on the market and believing it will sell super quick. We have a blog for it: Today we closed on our new house and we've begun fixing it up. It has sat empty for while so it needs some work. We found out part of the property (especially the barn) was built in 1883 which seems so neat to us! We can't wait to research it more. There are 3 acres, a barn, a shop, and a couple of other out buildings. So day 1: BLEACH! It's all in my lungs and nose but 1/2 of the house is done!! We hope to keep up with our progress here!

A HUGE sycamore tree in our yard! From the porch you can see the barn

Part of the paint we've bought!


C.C. Video said...

I thought I'd mention too...there's a lot more details on how we got this house and why we credit it to God. It really is amazing how much happened and how fast it happened for us to purchase this house. The realtor was amazed several times on how fast things happened in the transaction (and not just on our side of the table). :)


fitmama said...

I really love how everything came together all thanks to God. I am so happy for you and your family!

Paige :)