Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I can only put on a couple of these pics because my computer is messing up AGAIN! Ugh, it's taken me forever to update this blog.
These are some pictures taken when we went through the Smokey Mountains. We went to Panama City for a week which was SO wonderful! We had a condo right on the beach and slept every night with the door open hearing the calming ocean waves. On our way home we went about 6 hours out of our way to go to IKEA in Atlanta, our favorite store! We almost had to have a straw to breathe in the vehicle because we bought so much cool stuff! Then we went through the Smokey's, of course it was out of our way too. But Ben and Adam had neither one seen the Smokey Mountains! Neither had our 5 kids, so it was well worth it. And we went right through the Cherokee Indian reservation so there were teepee's set up to attract attention and lots of little stores. We didn't stop as we were in a hurry since we were in a huge rush to get home, but it was great because we're studying Indians in school in the next couple of weeks. At least we could show the kiddos out the window.
Scroll down to the next post to see a few Florida pics too!

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