Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Blog! For Christian County Video

Well I'm now starting another blog. This will be blog number 3 that I help maintain (1 Janiece and I share the other 2 are pretty much mine). So the address is: and it's for our video business. We're going to be at the Springfield Wedding Expo this weekend so that'll be fun.
I'm OOVooing with my Dad tonight. Totally excited about that. I haven't talked to him in quite a while. He's away for work. I miss him, we're the same personalities and it helps! We also had a shoot tonight. It was great. I love their family! We were meant to be related ;-)
We went to the Discovery Center yesterday. That was a blast. We can tell the kiddos are getting older as it's SO much less stressful! It's just going to get easier in ways because the kids are now 5 and under instead of say 3 and under. But I'm eventually going to have 2 more kids! But we need a bigger car and house first. But Janiece and Adam got us an AWESOME Christmas present with the Discovery Center tickets! It's highly recommended!

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