Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas and we're SO thrilled! Santa came to our studio last Saturday. My Grandma and Aunt are in from out of state. It's not too cold and the studio's offical last day to be open is today. I'm about to go there for our last ordering session. Of course I still have to meet and fulfill about 4 orders but the end is in site! We have 6 days until we leave for Florida!!

Here are 2 recent pictures. The one with Enoch is from last week. For school the assignment was to disect an eyeball since we were studying eyes. I didn't do hardly any of it (way too gross) but I did go over for the cool parts and it is incredible. Janiece said she didn't disect an eyeball till anatomy and physiology so the 4 year olds are well on their way!

The picture in the tub is just the boys messing around.

OK well this is it for now. It's taken me several hours to post this!

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