Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a good Halloween. It wasn't good that Ben had to work, but he wore his hook and Captain Hook hat in and I gave him some outrageoulsy big eyebrows and mustache with my makeup!! Aybrin had the big eyebrows and mustache too. He was so cute! I even made Asher's eyebrows green to match his Peter Pan costume. Jonna went with us again which was super nice. At her exact age I dressed up so I could take her trick-or-treating and I was Morticia Adams with white face. It's kind of funny! Here's a couple of pictures of some very cute kiddos.

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Anonymous said...

They look so cute!! Aybrin made a wonderful Captain Hook -- did Ben's costume pay off in tips? Asher looks sweet in anything and Janiece's kids look great too! I hope they had loads of fun -- wish I could have seen them! love grandma and grampa Russell