Thursday, October 30, 2008


Halloween is tomorrow! We can barely wait!! Aybrin is going to be Captain Hook and Asher is Peter Pan. Aybrin wanted to be WAll-E but I think he's now satisfied to be Hook. Ben also has Hook hat and a hook. He has to work, which really stinks, but he's going dressed to work in his semi-costume ;-) It'll be fun!

Yesterday we visited the Pumpkin Patch, finally. I was worried we wouldn't make it this year since we've been slammed with the photo business and now we're all coughing up a storm. But we made it! And last night we carved a mummy pumpkin. When I get done messing here I'll probably get started on our Frankenstein pumpkin!

We're learning about hearing and paying attention in school. We got a new KONOS curriculum that we are thoroughly enjoying. We got to make an ear model then crawl through it! Aybrin and Enoch can tell you the parts of the ear and what's inside. Did you know we have a drum and a hammer in our ears? We are truely "fearfully and wonderfully made"! Then we went to a hearing specialist in Ozark (who I highly recommend) and he put a videocamera in all of our ears (5 kids plus 2 adults...he was so kind) and gave us an ear model! It was so neat. This SOOO beats sitting still in a classroom and we learned SO much! We're working on our math and reading still and we'll be onto eyes next week I think. They even get to disect a cow's eyeball! They're going to Janiece's for that one. Everyone who knows me knows how squeemish I am! We're thrilled with how much our 4 year olds are already learning. Not to mention how much Asher is picking up by just sitting there. Asher's big accomplishment is that he went out to town all day yesterday and only peed his undies a tad bit! We were all over town too and all day taking Grandma to therapy, us to Michael's, McDonald's, then the Pumpkin Patch. So I was very happy with him! He does great at home but I was a little leery of taking him out. He proved me wrong and I'm so glad.

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