Friday, August 19, 2011

Our California trip

We were so happy to visit CA this summer. I was nervous about flying across country with a 4 and a 7 year old alone, into and out of airports I had never been to, but it worked! We had a blast. Here are some pictures:
Getting off the plane in Phoenix!

In Carlsbad, CA

Why, again, do we not live here?

Every time we take pics we have to have a good one, then a "funny face" one!

They really are best friends and it's so nice!

I love this one! Aybrin was riding the waves. He was the farthest one out there. He just kept inching farther and farther!

Diggin' in the sand and ridin' the waves. Life can't get better!

RUN before the waves get us!

It's amazing how vast God's earth is!

After a 3 hour ride to the airport, 3 hour plane right and 6 hours to CA we finally made it!

My Dad enjoying the sunset.

My friend from high school, Deanna and her cutie!

God gave us this amazing view on the drive to CA.

Here we are about to cross the Mexico border.

We were able to ride across the border on this bicycle carts!

How fun is this!

We're here!

Last chance to turn back to the USA!

The boy's first trip in a Taxi...crossing the border.

Walking with PaPa

This is a building in Mexico where they used to hold these cool games.

Almost all of the buildings in Tijuana are painted vibrantly like this.

Waiting to cross the border back to the USA. It took about 2 hours and we were there 2 different days!

Outside a British store in Carlsbad Village.

They all had their MP3 players going!

The tallest point of this mountain range in the middle of the dessert. Our GPS took us through this crazy route to get back to Phoenix but what a view!

Going home... bittersweet.

Of course  we stopped at IKEA  in Phoenix!

Carlsbad Village

At Fry's where it's Atlas themed with a shark in this tank!

My cousin Rachel and her family.

On the bus to cross the border into Mexico

On the Mexico/California border!

Getting off the plane. This was Asher's first plane ride and Aybrin's first since he was 2!

Driving in the desert and mountains

Our favorite spot in the world.... the BEACH!

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