Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer's Coming!!

This is our last week of school YIPEE! The kids and I are thrilled. We have fun during but it's nice not to be tied down to our schedule. PLUS we have lots of fun things we want to do! Soooo... I was looking online for Father's Day gifts and I stumbled across this really cool idea from Crayon Wishes and Popsicle Dreams. She made this cute Hobo bag and then put fun things to draw from every week of summer. This was genius since we forget what we want to do and then summer's usually over! I'm thinking about making these for birthdays and Christmas presents with activities inside too. How fun!

Here are the activities we have inside (some are from Crayon Wishes and some are our own):
 Scavenger Hunt
Go to the O.C. (our community center)
Swim in the pool
Picnic at the park
Water Day!
Paint Outside
Field Day Games
Make S'more
Backyard Drive-in movie
Ice cream picnic at the park
Camp outside all night
This will be a lot of fun and we're excited!!

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