Monday, May 2, 2011

A few more notes on laundry....

The laundry give away ends tomorrow! This is my first give-a-way so it's a little confusing but I'm happy! I can see who all commented on their facebook by linking through this blog (which gives you one entry) but I can't tell if you guys are commenting separately on your own facebook (which would have gotten you another entry). There's also a way to follow this blog which scores you another entry! If you've done any of these other things then let me know by commenting on here so I can be certain you get all your entries before I draw the winner tomorrow!

 Also, something else that works great on laundry is vinegar. It's all natural and you put it where your bleach normally goes. Vinegar removes smells in case you accidentally leave a load in the washer for too long and it stinks. I would NEVER do that ;-) Or if you have a little one who is potty training and you have a pair of stinky pee undies or panties. I've NEVER experienced that either ;-) Hopefully that tip will help you. In the meantime I hope you all make some awesome detergent and let me know about it!

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