Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our 1st fun summer project from our Summer Fun Bag!

Aybrin drew our 1st project from our "Summer Bag of Fun" and it was "paint outside"! It has taken us over a week to do and it's SO hot that we finally decided to do it inside. I thank the Lord for hardwood floors! I bought this book @ the SHEM homeschool conference this year so I decided to integrated some of the lessons in with our projects this summer.
So for our "painting outside " I'm tracing the kids; letting them paint themselves then writing Scriptures about their body parts by each part. I'll have to upload a picture when we're all done!

On another note, we have been working outside a lot and were able to put up our lion fountain yesterday!  Also Ben was promoted to full time @ Gary McSpadden Ministry so he's able to quit KTTS. This will mean evenings @ home, no sleeping all day Saturdays after working all night Friday and less commuting. Needless to say we're excited!

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