Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is in the air!

Our recycled scarecrow! He was a lesson in art, creativity, problem solving and recycling!

These very cool ghosts that we made. The inside lights up at night and they're just super cute! Asher's cricket. One of the many joys of studying nature!

Oh sweet fall! It's crisp leaves, warm cider and Halloween! We've started off our week by studying a unit called "Remembering Fall" which was pretty cool even though it was outdated. So far this fall we have collected leaves and acorns, made some really cool ghosts and a recycled scarecrow. Visited the recycling center to learn about recycling, read Charlie and the Chocolate Factor and the Vicar of Nibbleswick by Roald Dahl. We've worked on journaling, reading, writing, math, habit training and learning lots of life skills. We're attending TOT which teaches the kids basketball handling skills while they also learn right from left, vowels, mixing colors, spanish, french and lots of other stuff. We're still in tae kwon do as well. Aybrin and Enoch should be ready to test the next cycle which I believe is 13 weeks from now. They're excited about that! And Asher loves both TOT and tae kwon's so adorable! We just found out we're going to Myrtle Beach and Washington DC for Christmas this year and we're busy trying to fit everything and everyone in along with planning Christmas gifts! We're still balancing life, school and the photography business but all is well and God's a big God who helps us out constantly!

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Boy, you do have it together!